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"Jello Shot" Rigs

"Jello Shot" is my degree thesis film, completed in my final year of Sheridan's Bachelor of Animation program. "Jello Shot" needed three character rigs and reocurring prop rigs. All character rigs had master controllers for turnarounds/a full lip sync, hand substitutions, and optional constraints (kinematic output) for hands and feet. The film features Western TV-style limited animation, with heavy lip sync and many character acting moments. Watch the trailer below!


The rigs are virtually identical in structure; all elements shown (node view, handles, substitutions) are repeated across the three characters with minor tweaks.

Open-GL View and Deformers


Prop Rig: Game Console

Game Console Prop.png

Prop Rigs: Pot and Lid


"Ramona" 360° Rig

This is Ramona, one of the two protagonists of my third-year group film, Benny and Ramona's Big Break. I drew and rigged her in ToonBoom Harmony 20. She is meant to be simple to pose, since her primary function is to clean up hand-drawn roughs.

The style of the film is heavily UPA-inspired, so Ramona's line quality is rough and uneven for that reason. She has multiple cutters to help keep her silhouette graphic at different angles. There is no dialogue in the film, so her mouth relies heavily on drawing substitutions to make expressions clear. She also has master controllers with pose interpolation for maximum pose-ability.

Ramona was designed by Mal Dunn.

"Socrates" 180° Rig

 As many cat parents can attest, our cats are our muses. Meet Socrates, my 180 degree quadruped rig, and my actual real life cat. The 2D animate-able version of Socrates (nicknamed Socks) features autopatched limbs, separate eyelids that can be deformed for a range of expressions, and a slider master controller for turning him.

"Pierrot" 180° Rig

 Recently, I was told by a peer that rigged animation "always looks stiff" and decided to prove them wrong. "Pierrot" was a personal project to see if I could create a 180-degree rig I could use for animating fluid and complex movements, like a circus performer. There are multiple deformers on all of the limbs to allow for almost rubber hose-like animation.

"Pirate" Rig

Created to clean a hand drawn animation, with lots of deformers to allow for maximum pose-ability.

Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 16.09.16.png

"Goblin" Rig

A simple rig I made as a personal project
to learn rigging.

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